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  • Child Care & Development

  • Household (Domestic)

  • Mechanic

  • Home Improvement & Maintenance

  • ​Personal Care

  • ​Real Estate

  • ​Computing & Electronics

  • ​Errand (prescription pick-up, post office, MVA, etc)

  • Catering, Food Preparation and Delivery

  • ​Sewing, Tailoring, & Clothing Repairs

  • ​Large Items pick-up & Delivery & Disposal

  • Annimal Training & Care

  • Other Businesses


We will work diligently to establish a core set of business services that our members can come to rely on to be delivered by competent and professional service providers at reasonable prices. We will build a network of providers who can depend on our members for consistent support of their businesses but will be evaluated and graded based on quality and the overall service experience. Network service providers, by signed agreement, will deliver services to network members at  discount prices. Service prices and rates will be transparently displayed so that members can estimate their costs for services before engaging providers.

Who are we and what do we do?


We are a one-stop-shop member owned service referral network. Every business or service provider listed in our network comes highly recommended by a network member. Members are allowed to submit reviews and feedback on the quality of services they receive from network providers and these reveiws are used to grade providers.

Why should you join our network?


We take much of the guesswork and uncertainty out of engaging with service providers. The combination of member referrals and a grading system increases the likelihood of our network members receiving good quality services from the providers listed in this network. We encouage our regualr members to try out the network for free, and then sign up for either premium membership, where you can enjoy all of the benefits of the network, or as member owners and become  part-owners of the business.

Why is a community services network needed?


Outside of pursuing time-consuming and sometimes costly legal remedies, consumers are not well protected against bad-acting businesses and service providers. This network provides the screenings, evaluations and other networking tools consumers need to significantly improve their service experiences.

This network is based initially in the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia). Our business plan is to eventually take this network nationwide, but until further notice we are only accepting service providers whose businesses are located within the DMV into the network.

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